u-sim: a revolution in medical simulation

u-sim is a suite of tools created to support the development, collaboration and open standardization of medical simulation.

introducing the u-sim suite


Underlying the u-sim suite of applications is an open standard for the definition of medical simulation scenarios. Think HTML for simulation.

u-sim: scenario builder

The u-sim: scenario builder is a web-based application for the development of simulation scenarios, featuring an easy-to-use interface built on top of the .usim format. Collaboration is easy, share scenarios with specific users or even publicly, with full version tracking.

u-sim: marketplace

The u-sim: marketplace is a place for users to share free and purchase premium scenario elements. Don't start from scratch, the marketplace contains standardized patients (with baseline vital signs and examination findings), commonly used medications and their effects, even laboratory and imaging studies.

u-sim: output tools

On simulation day, scenarios developed using the scenario builder can be outputted for a variety of purposes. u-sim: output tools can help print a tutor guide (or load an interactive version on your portable device), actor cue cards, technician setup guides, and even a handy debriefing guide.


Scenarios created with u-sim: scenario builder are platform-agnostic - they can be used to operate scenarios using standardized patients, high-fidelity mannequins, and soon screen-based simulation on iOS devices! Users around the world can access and learn from scenarios shared in the u-sim: marketplace.

our team

Our timeline

We were fortunate to demonstrate a beta at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. We plan to release the u-sim: scenario builder and u-sim: marketplace during the first quarter of 2019. This will be followed by incremental revisions and the release of u-sim: output tools, u-sim.app and enterprise solutions.

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