Unleash clinical mastery

Dive into the heart of AI-driven medical training with u-sim. Our platform is crafted to challenge, engage, and propel emergency medicine professionals forward. Discover the key features that make u-sim an innovator in medical simulation technology.

AI-Powered Scenarios

Challenge your diagnostic skills with our AI engine that generates unique, dynamic simulations. Each case is a new frontier in medical training.

Instant Case Generation

Efficiency meets education. Input a topic and immediately immerse yourself in a detailed, realistic simulation, tailored to your educational needs.

In-Depth Feedback

Post-simulation, delve into a detailed report that critiques your clinical decisions, guiding your journey toward clinical excellence.

Example Scenarios

Start with guided scenarios to familiarize yourself with u-sim’s mechanics. It’s the perfect introduction to our AI-driven simulations.

Adaptive Learning

Experience personalized training. u-sim learns from your interactions, adapting to offer scenarios that challenge and grow with you.

Real-Time Interaction

Engage with our AI in real-time. Every decision is met with instantaneous feedback, mimicking the pace and pressure of real-life clinical situations.

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Monthly Subscription


  • Up to 10 cases/month
  • Cases dashboard

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Yearly Subscription


  • Up to 15 cases/month
  • Cases dashboard
  • 24/7 support

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